We have a responsibility, not just as a rubber paving company, but as a collection of employees and

customers to conserve and preserve the foundation of our planet. One such responsibility to establish

environmentally friendly measures into our everyday lives is to purchase products and invest in services

that take an active role in reducing, reusing and recycling applicable materials. One item that litters and

overflows in landfills globally are unused rubber tires – these tires do not decompose or deteriorate for

nearly 50-80 years, which is why we need to find alternative uses for them. Here is what Vancouver

Safety Surfacing is doing to reduce rubber waste in landfills to improve living conditions for everyone.


Why We Use Rubber Tires


Rubber is versatile, and it can be used for a variety of reasons that far surpass tires for vehicles. For one,

there is a major reason why recycled rubber tires are used as the surface material at children’s

playgrounds as it provides a soft landing for safety reasons, but also because it won’t decompose for

decades or flutter away when the wind picks up. Recycled tire rubber is also a non-toxic product and will

not be susceptible to infestation from pests or insects.


The Process


Sifting through landfills for rubber tires would be tedious and tiresome work, so we work to ensure that

tires don’t make it to the landfills in the first place. Tires that are discarded by drivers at tire shops are

shipped to our recycling centre, where they are processed and reduced significantly in size. The chunks

of rubber that comprise a rubber resurfaced driveway needs to be a certain dimension to ensure

everything is laid out smoothly and in a compact manner. During the refining process, fragments of

metal and steel are removed from the rubber with a magnet. Rubber is well-taken care of in our refining

facilities, it is not combusted, but it is transformed into reusable crumbs. After the transformation is

complete, the rubber material is blended with a binder that is carefully portioned. It is then poured into

place, whether it be for a homeowner’s driveway, garage floor or sidewalk.

Why It’s Important


The time to focus on the health of planet Earth is now. We understand that most homeowners in need

of a new driveway will procure asphalt and concrete companies; however, we feel the need for more

practical and environmentally conscientious decisions is paramount and that homeowners feel the same

way. The fact is, whatever concrete or asphalt can do, rubber paving can do better. It will prioritize

the safety of your family, it looks better or just as nice as freshly laid concrete and is a cost-effective

option that is saving the environment, one pour at a time. For more information, contact Vancouver

Safety Surfacing today!